Valentine’s Day

I documented this year’s Valentine’s Day by using the digital version of Ali Edwards’ “Pieces” Story Kit.  Even though it has a very hearts and love-themed focus, it doesn’t have to be used strictly for this type of layout.  And simply recoloring the elements to say blues and greens would give a completely different look!

pieces story kit

One journaling card in particular stood out to me and I wanted it to be the highlight of my layout:


Even though most may rotate this card and add journaling within the five rows, I decided to used it long ways and add elongated photos instead!  Simply because I wanted to use the “LOVE” journaling card on the right, I selected images from Valentine’s Day.  I was able to document all the details of the day; so many photos on just one card!JWhittemore_Pieces Story Kit_Full Layout

In Photoshop, I was able to resize and crop my photos and center them between each of the rows’ lines.   I recolored the image circles to match various colors within the photos.  I added journaling about what had been going on throughout the day and how I was feeling.  Lots of things were accomplished and at the end of the day, I was able to spend it with my husband.

JWhittemore_Pieces Story Kit_Detail

I love when you find a card you’re really drawn to and make it the central point of a layout.  Especially when the card allows for so many photos to be included!  And the design is so easily set up beforehand!  Check out the rest of Ali’s digital “Pieces” Story Kit and as always, thanks for looking!

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