Starbuck’s Reserve

I’m really digging these Traveler’s Notebook layouts lately!  How about you?  Even if you don’t do TNs yourself, can you still appreciate the design ideas?  (I’d love your feedback by the way :))

This layout I created about an awesome experience!  You might be looking at it like, uh, ok, Starbucks, no big deal.  But it’s not *just* Starbucks.  It was a Starbuck’s RESERVE!  Have you heard of them?!  Apparently they’re only placed in swanky neighborhoods so I had to drive to Danville to check this one out.  So fancy!

Starbuck_s Reserve-1

I used the Kelly Purkey Shop “One More Cup” stamp set and October’s Travelers Notebook Kit: Thankful to create this spread.  This stamp set is so good!  I’m telling you!  And I probably have at least 5 coffee sets, but seriously, you need to add this one to your collection.

Starbuck_s Reserve-2

The espresso maker image and french press icon from the stamp set will definitely be used again and again since they’re my two go-to methods.  No Keurig singles in the set, but that’d be my other preferred type.

Starbuck_s Reserve-4

I used my antique typewriter for the journaling and it was super easy to just feed one of these traveler’s notebook sheets through.  After I had printed one of my photos out to a full size TN page and completed my journaling, I simply adhered the pages into my beautiful teal green leather covered notebook.

Starbuck_s Reserve-3

This SBX Reserve was so incredibly beautiful and I highly recommend going to one if you have the chance.  This fall season they were making pumpkin spice malted milk shakes.  WHAT?!?!  Divine.  Course, kinda pricey at $10 a pop, but worth it.  The staff encouraged photo taking and even contributed by making two additional lattes with swans formed from the foam on top…price?  Free-fifty.  Yeah!  They have to provide at least one free drink per hour to customers while open.  So the key is to stay a while and make friends with the baristas!

Starbuck_s Reserve-5

So let’s recap.  Check out the super cool coffee stamp set.  Think about starting Traveler’s Notebook spreads if you haven’t already.  And go check out a Starbuck’s Reserve location nearest you 🙂  Thanks for stopping by to check out my spread!

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