October is for Pumpkins

I absolutely loved this month’s “Stories by the Month Digital: October” kit not only for the designs, but the jewel-toned colors as well!  I had trouble finding enough room in my layout because I wanted to use everything!  AEdwards_SBTM_DIGITAL_Oct2018_PREV_original

I’m not even much of a Halloween person.  I hate figuring out a costume to dress up in.  And I really miss the Midwest tradition of kids coming up to your door and telling a joke (how a trick should be) in order to receive their candy (the treat).  But I do love a good pumpkin patch!  And every year I make sure to get to at least one trip in with my friends.

The “Loving Autumn” stamp I changed to white and placed on top of a pumpkin pattern background photo I’d taken.  The bat card was super cute too and I digitally turned it into a 3×4 from a 4×6 card.  It didn’t photograph well, but it does say “Happy October” (see kit photo above).

JCarlson_SBTM October Digital_Full Layout

The “Halloween Moments” card was another one I knew I had to include in this spread.  I thought the multi-colored raindrop pattern was great so I paired the two and got the best of both worlds!  Am I the only one who has this dilemma?!  When you want to include ALL the products on a single layout?  I guess that’s just a hazard of using fabulous kits!

JCarlson_SBTM October Digital_Detail 1

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!  Hopefully you have your costumes and candy all lined up and are ready to celebrate!  Ali’s October Stories by the Month Digital is definitely a set you’ll want to use to document your fall festivities!

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