Have you guys seen Kelly Purkey Shop’s September Kit yet?  It’s called “Facetime” (see snapshot of kit below) and I kind of love it.  It’s totally prompting me to put on paper some of those virtual conversations I have, laugh about, and too soon forget.  Even a little snapshot via my text messages is a great way to document life right now.


I wanted to capture some of my text conversations, on IG messenger as well as my phone.  I have some pretty funny friends and therefore we have some pretty funny convos online.  Not only does this document my friends’ personalities, but what the NOW looks like in my life as well.  If you’re like me and you don’t scrapbook in a regimented week by week format, spreads like these are essential.

Texting_Full Layout

I did use some of the cards in their digital format (free to subscribers), but you could just as easily add text in (see word bubble card below).  You could scan your card, import it into Photoshop, and then lay perfectly-placed journaling.  From here you could either print it out in entirety or remove the background and feed your physical card through the printer.

Also, thank goodness you get two sheets of the stickers.  Because I’m obsessed with the phone and “…” stickers, see below.

Texting_Detail 3

I had someone ask me, “How did you change the font on the keyboard?” (referring to the teal journaling card below.  Haha, it’s a card in the September kit!  I used the digital version, changed the color, and entered my text.  I also wanted to keep an email which I printed out and slipped behind the card with a pull out tab.

Texting_Detail 2

Which emojis accumulate as my favorites in my phone, change from month to month.  There are certain ones that always stay the same, but it’s interesting to take a peek from time to time.  They say a lot about your conversations!  I took a screenshot of my phone’s emoji keyboard and printed it out, describing the whys in the bubble card below.

Texting_Detail 1

I challenge you to document your text messages, Facebook or IG messages, etc.  Such a great thing to incorporate in your album from time to time!  Thanks for stopping by!

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