September Routine

Here’s a 6×8 layout I made using Ali Edwards’ September’s digital Stories by the Month kit.  This set has so many awesome elements to it!  It was hard to decide which ones to use!  The one card I really love that keeps popping up in these digital sets is the “September Details” jounaling card.  It is a great way to take a snapshot of your month–what you’re loving, watching, listening to, eating, drinking, and where you’re going.  It’s quick and easy, and fun to compare them, month to month how your life is changing.


One of the techniques I learned while at Ali’s Story Camp was creating a visual triangle with embellishments.  She is a big fan of adding half circles to the edges of three photos/card, balanced through the layout.  It’s easy to achieve and adds some great pops of color.

For myself in September, there was a lot of stuff going on!  I took snippets from work, yoga, friends, and trainings and compiled them in a single layout.  A lot of time I may have one or two photos here and there, but not enough to create an entire layout with on that single event.  And also, I don’t scrap week by week.  So pulling all these experiences together paired perfectly with this month’s kit.

JCarlson_September2018Digital_Full Layout

There’s that September Details card below!  I really loved the ticket stamp “This September Story”, but couldn’t find a way to include it on the spread.  Luckily there was a perfect spot on that journaling card so I shrunk it down and fit it right in.  Love that script!  And now I don’t feel bad about using the element again on another layout because the next time it can be more prominent or recolored.

JCarlson_September2018Digital_Detail 1

Thanks so much for stopping by to look at the details of this layout!  Hope it gives you some ideas on how to work with this or any other digital kit!

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