Wild & Free

If you follow me often, you know that I have all the heart eyes for greens and blues.  So it’s no surprise that I selected this color scheme from the Kelly Purkey June releases for my road trip photos!  If you’re ever in Northern California and get the chance, GO to Russian Gulch state park.  There’s a waterfall, blue coast, a bridge, hiking, nature…you name it.

Photo Jun 24, 9 48 00 PM

I created the quote card by cutting blue strips from the patterned arrows card and then stamping underneath (the word circle) and on top (backpack cut out).  I liked the dimension these additions gave to the card, along with pulling some color in to that corner of the layout.

Photo Jun 24, 9 52 24 PM

The green grid card was probably my favorite.  I stamped the phrase stamp from the “Into the Woods” set and placed a tiny bear stamp from the “Roam” set beneath it.  Sometimes a simple strip of paper stapled at the top is my favorite way to tone down a busy pattern and add some white space.

Photo Jun 24, 8 36 15 PM

The green striped card was a great place to squeeze in an additional photo to this 6×8 spread.  I printed my tree photo as a 2″x3″ and washi taped it at the top.  The white space at the bottom of the green journaling card allowed me the freedom to add a stamp, “fresh air don’t care” from the “Roam” set.  I just love Tina’s whimsical handwriting.

Photo Jun 24, 9 52 56 PM

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my layout!  If you’re planning to do any road-tripping this summer, the Kelly Purkey June releases have got you covered!  Take lots of photos and then come home to get them all in your albums!

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