Conservatory of Flowers

The Kelly Purkey Shop May Traveler’s Notebook Kit:  Flower Shop couldn’t have come at a better time!  I had just made a trip to San Francisco to visit the Conservatory of Flowers and have SO many photos!  If you’re ever in the area, you have to check this place out.  It’s beautiful!  Oh, and try to go on a week day when it’s less crowded 😉

Project2_Full Layout

The alpha stamp set “Highline” is so good!  Such an all around fantastic set. I love the clean lines and narrow stature.

Project2_Detail 1

And let’s talk about the Flower Shop set!  These tiny little plant stamps are ADORABLE!  Seriously, the cutest.  I have so many layouts I want to use these on.  Traveler’s Notebook spreads, pocket pages, cards…so tiny so cute.

Project2_Detail 2

I love that you can stamp them in layers and therefore different colors.  And Tina’s handwriting is so dreamy, “flowers”, from the same set.

Project2_Detail 3

Thanks for checking out my Traveler’s Notebook spread!  Hope you’re loving these sets as much as I am!

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