Details of Home

Sometimes products guide our layout and sometimes its the photos.  In this case, I was presented with the “Home” digital Story Kit by Ali Edwards.  I didn’t necessarily have a ton of photos of my home, but wanted to take this opportunity to capture the details.  As Ali said, “Home is one of those things that we all experience in a variety of different ways over the course of our lives. Some of us live in just a couple homes while others have inhabited so many more by circumstance or by choice. The word “home” conjures a bunch of different meanings and stories for each one of us…”


Once I got started walking around my house and taking close-up detail photos, I began to realize how many stories each of these little pieces held.  The rocking chair that my Mom used to comfort me in when I’d have a migraine at the early age of 2.  I remember that!  And I treasure this piece of my past.  It’s not simply a piece of furniture.

The laminate flooring that I painstakingly laid BY MYSELF! There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved, let me tell you!  After ripping up 1100 square feet of old tan carpeting, cutting it in 2’x2′ squares to fit in the garbage, borrowing a coworker’s rotary saw, ripping off the molding, and meticulously making sure every groove was tight, I had a brand new floor!


I created a 2″x8″ border of the home icons in Photoshop to create the strip of 4 squares on the left.  I added chipboard letters to spell out “HOME” which luckily only had 4 letters 🙂 and laid them to the right side of the squares.

I included a lot of journaling on this layout because after all, these stories needed to be told!  After creating a 2″x2″ file in Photoshop, I typed out my journaling for each photo and all the memories associated.  A little shuffling of squares until I had a good balance of color and patterns, and I was done!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my layout using the “Home” Story Kit!  Hope this inspires you to document the stories that you may not necessarily have photos for, but matter most!

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