Hiking in Winters, CA

I used Ali Edwards’ February Stories by the Month Digital kit for this layout.  After going on a local hike with my pup, I was inspired by the quote card from this set:  “Always be on the Lookout for the Presence of Wonder.”  It was so true!  This particular hike had been reflective for me because of how I was feeling when we left that day, but also because of the details we began to encounter.  The area had been attacked by fire last July, consuming more than 1800 acres of land.  The trails still shown signs of this damage.  It was remarkable to witness blossoms right next to charred branches.  Trees black and split in half, yet other green life surrounding them.  I also saw the “wonder” as we pulled off the road at a couple spots…reflections in the water and layers of life along the hillside…it was all pretty amazing.


I also want to point out how much I am loving Ali’s Details card (“February Details”).  Last month the same card was in the January kit and I’m guessing this will continue throughout the year.  Ok yes, creating with Ali’s kits are requirements of being on the creative team, but I like to think of this Details card as an assignment in itself.  Even if I scrapped nothing else the entire month, this card would be done.  It gives an oversight of a little bit of what I’m doing that month in life–what I’m loving, watching, listening to, eating, drinking, and going to.  I challenge you to start using this card once each month and get down the “currents” in writing!


I’ve been asked the question of how do I recolor my cards.  If you’re not familiar with digital designs, this may seem to be a huge feat to overcome.  But it’s not!  I like to use Photoshop for recoloring mine, but there are other options if you don’t have this program.  As you can see below, the colors of the original kit give a pretty different appearance versus the layout I used them in!


If you do have Photoshop, and I believe Photoshop Elements is pretty close to the same, you can select the Paint bucket tool and click on areas of the card to recolor it.  Your choice of color will be selected in the squares at the bottom of the side toolbar.  If you’re not familiar with Photoshop at all, but have the program, here is a video tutorial since I’m probably not explaining this very well:  using the Photoshop paint bucket tool or the color replacement tool.  If you do not have the program, you can use the Project Life app on your phone that you can use to recolor cards easily:  Project Life App.  In general for “app” scrapping, or scrapbooking from your phone, here’s a great link from Amber LaBau.  Let me know if you still have questions after this!  Thanks for stopping by!

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