(End of) Summer Concerts!

Does it feel like the summer just flew by to anyone else but me? Whew!  One thing I am not missing is the heat.  I hope we are well past our 115′ days here.  Ali Edwards’ September digital kit was great for documenting one of my recent “End of Summer” events, a concert night!

Photo Sep 13, 10 03 09 PM

I knew I wanted to incorporate the business card from the restaurant we ate dinner at. The violet tone of the card matched well with the yellow (being complimentary colors) of “summer” on the “End of Summer” card and the “E” on the September card.  I edited in Photoshop the “E” on the September card to violet.  This gave some balance to the layout with just a small touch of repeating that color.

Photo Sep 13, 10 04 50 PM

The peachy color of the quote card wasn’t really working with my photos so I edited the background by pulling over that bold yellow.  I love how Ali’s writing is all loopy because, case in point, recoloring the background makes for some fun color patterns! The original peachy color was retained in the letter loops yet the bold background is what you see first.

I used the “Loved this Last Summer Adventure” card as the background for my restaurant business card.   A subtle light blue stripe background and typewriter script complement the solid violet card well.

Photo Sep 13, 10 02 50 PM

Thanks for swinging by guys!  Hope this gave you some ideas to incorporate in your own layouts!

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