London Layout 1

I’ve already started scrapping my recent trip to Europe and for one of my first layouts, used Ali Edwards’ August digital releases.  The journaling cards are from her Travel Journal set.  This collection will definitely be getting some use in my Honeymoon album!

Of course a big part of my travels are always the food!  London was no exception.  One of my favorite places we ate was a breakfast cereal shop, Cereal Killer Cafe.  You could pick out your cereal, which toppings, and what type of milk OR choose from one of their cereal “cocktails.”  It was awesome, fun, and delicious!


The star and location icons from Ali’s Day in the Life Summer 2017 Kit were recolored in Photoshop to match the red in the Let’s Go card.  I cut them out by hand and added them as accents to a couple photos.  Keep it simple!

I stopped after breakfast at a nearby coffee shop, just around the corner from our Airbnb apartment.  Loved the logo design which they painted on the outside of their building as well.  I used a photo of the wall as a journaling card in itself.


When you’re taking on a large vacation album, you don’t have to over-complicate it! Keep it simple.  Let your photos speak for themselves.  Let the product enhance your story, not overpower it.  I’m hoping to follow these ideas and finish my album soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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