Concert Weekend

For this concert weekend layout, I used Kelly Purkey Shop products from her “Girls Night Out” stamp set and the June monthly kit.

Photo Jul 12, 10 21 54 PM

Both of these two cards below were from older Kelly Purkey kits, but I was able to mix and match and cover to make them work for this layout.  The block stamp on the right can house numbers, days, or the month.  You can totally make it your own!

Photo Jul 12, 10 22 31 PM

I created the second half of this layout at a later time and felt it difficult to have the cards bring out tones from the photos, yet match well with the first half!  I loved the green and gold cards with the right half of the layout so found a strip of green cardstock and added a stripe to the polka dot card on the left.  That cute heart sticker is something new that’s been included in Kelly’s monthly kits.  The green arrow sticker on the business card is from that sheet as well.

Photo Jul 12, 10 23 07 PM

The “Endless Summer” stamp is another one of my favorites from Kelly’s release this month.  Both are great for a fun-filled summer!  Thanks for peeking at my layout and let me know if you have any questions!

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