A Red Shamrock?!

When Ali Edwards came out with a digital St. Patrick’s Day card in her March release, I knew I had to put this tradition in writing.  Why do I wear red on St. Patrick’s Day?!AE_March_StPatricks2_JenCarlson

So it turns out I have a legitimate reason.  Seriously!  And I blame it on my parents.  My Dad for doing it and my Mom for allowing it!


Ever since I was a little kid–preschool even!–my Dad dressed me in red on St. Patrick’s Day.  He would say, “You’re not Irish, you’re Polish.  We celebrate St. Stanislaus Day.” As he said this he would pin a huge 4″ button on me that read “I ♥ Poles”.  Can you imagine trying to explain that as a 3 year old?!  Come to find out, St. Stanislaus Day isn’t even the same day!  It’s April 11, but close enough??


Well the tradition stuck and my sister and I both follow it to this day.  We always text each other a selfie in red saying, “Did you remember?!”   It’s a fun tradition and gives us pride in our lineage.  What tradition do you have on St. Patrick’s Day?

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