Handlettering Freebie

Hello Everyone!

I am doing a collaboration with Random Olive and want to give a special thanks to her for making this freebie possible!  Olivia approached me and honestly, I had seen and admired hand-lettering, but never thought I’d be able to do it myself.  I’ve been practicing though with her guidebook and must say it’s fun and addictive!  I can totally see myself using this to add a personal touch to my scrapbook layouts.


I was worried I was going to have to invest in a bunch of expensive supplies, but I was so wrong!  Olivia advises for practicing you just print off on plain copy paper and use inexpensive ink.  She has a blog post talking about her favorites here.


If you’re an “Elf” movie fan like myself, you can really appreciate these quotes!  I thought they were just adorable.  And the best part is they’re FREE to you!


Just click HERE to download the free Elf printables and get going!  I promise you’ll enjoy it.  There’s something cathartic about it, like coloring!  Give it a try and check out Olive’s shop and blog for extra videos and information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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