Feed Me – KP stamps


Hello Everyone! Fun layout below using Kelly Purkey Shop’s latest stamps and cards!  I mainly used the November kit, Clean Plate Club.  You just can’t go wrong with food themed products.


Truth be told, my printer totally screwed up on me for the journaling card.  When it didn’t come out centered, I was so frustrated.  Ugh, what to do now?!  Can I salvage this?? Since the logo for the brunch place we went to was a pig, I thought perfect! I’ll use the pig stamp along the edge to fill up the space.  Done.


I always try to think of ways to use stamps beyond their given design.  The block phrase I cut up in pieces and spaced out.  The fork and spoon circle I cut out the center only.  Use your imagination!  There’s so many ways to stretch your stamps!


Thanks for swinging by!  You can find all these products in Kelly’s shop here.  Oh, and p.s. the “Create” stamp on the label is from her planner set “Arts and Crafts Planner.”  See?! More ways to multi-purpose those stamps!

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