Let’s Cheer for Beer!

Is it just me, or do you have tons of photos relating to beer, drinks, cocktails, etc. with zero products to enhance them? Even if it’s brunch and you have a mimosa…a glass of wine with dinner…we always have to fall back on alternate themed products like food or celebrations…or remember Jolie’s?  Well I just found the best solution and even better, they’re reusable.  Beer stamps!!!


These stamps are stinkin’ cute.  I mean, “In my Hoppy Place”?!  Nailed it!  I love the versatility of the stamps — you can add them directly on a photo with Staz-On ink, stamp on cardstock and cut them out, create a filler card, or enhance a photo.


These journaling cards by Kelly Purkey from the “He Said, She Said” kit were perfect for these photos.  I love that there’s pops of color along with black/white options.  Even though the card with the quotation marks on it is likely meant for journaling, my ticket stub fit perfectly.  Think outside the box!


Thanks for stopping by to check out my pages!  Now, go do yourself a favor–get these stamps.  You will use them over and over again.  I promise.



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