Gimme a Break!

This layout was made (nearly) entirely using the new Kelly Purkey stamp set “Gimme a Break.”  It was perfect for this week in my life when things weren’t going ENTIRELY up to par.  I had just had surgery, an ACL replacement on my right knee.  I was hobbling around the house and only leaving to get to physical therapy.  My friends said they would all come over and we could have a giant crop.  Scrapbooking heals the body, right?Photo_Apr_09,_1_52_18_PM[1]

Everyone came over and kicked back and relaxed.  We were all sitting around the dining room table and an additional pop up table, chatting, scrapping, eating, having fun.  The next thing, someone looked down and gasped.  It was probably Kari since it was her shoe.  Her flip flop specifically, was in approximately 285 pieces.  My pup, Winston, quiet as a mouse, had used it as a chew toy. Photo_Apr_09,_1_53_23_PM[1]

The photo with Winston looking guilty as heck, I stamped the circle stamp “oops” several times, punched it out, and added a few tiny staples.  The pink stripe on the “Mother Trucker” card is also a thin strip stamp from the “Gimme a Break” set.


The “XO  / You’re killin me smalls” card was made using the Mulberry alpha set along with the “Gimme a Break” set.  I first stamped the phrase on a scrap piece of paper and cut the strip out.  Then I used temporary adhesive to tape the strip down to the card.  I stamped the XO right on top of the scrap strip, pulled the strip up, and then stamped the phrase in the negative space created.


Lastly, I put in a couple photos from later in the week which added to the crazy vibe.  Winston was trying to snuggle with my cat Beer and he just wasn’t having it.  How does a cat escape from underneath an 80 lb. dog’s head?  Slowly.  The photo of the spin bike registering zero rpm was day 1 of my rehab.  I was turning the pedals, but yet, it was so slow that it didn’t event register a speed.  Hence the “oh girl” stamp right on top.

Thanks everyone for stopping by to check out my post!  Hope you liked seeing some ways to use the new Kelly Purkey stamp releases!  Get yours today before they sell out!  Here’s the link 😉

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