December Daily – Day 2

For Day 2, my main excitement for the day was going to watch my man play a game of ice hockey.  I got him on a team with some of my coworkers and that’s all those guys want to talk about now.  Derek’s so great, blah blah blah!  Ha, I know 😉  The rink is an hour away so usually i’ll go with him, but maybe take a nap in the car since the games are so late.  This particular night I noticed they’d finally set up an outdoor skating area and it was adorned with blue lights, PERFECT for my teal DD theme! (see photo on right; blur on purpose)

Loved working with Color Cast Design’s twinkle twinkle set.  The colors and style work so well with the 4×4 pocket pages.  I also used Kellie Stamp’s “fa la la” stamp from one of her Christmas sets to create a 2×2 card.  Unfortunately those stamps are all sold out, but there are plenty of other awesome ones for sale here!

I’ve gotten so many questions about the “Get Shit Done” stamp.  Well I picked it up at a craft fair in San Francisco, but she does have an online shop, Paper Trail Shop, where you can get your own!  Love that stamp.  Gonna put it on errrythang.

photo (12)

photo (2)

Thanks for peeking!

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