Mmmm Bacon

Hello!  For my first post, I’m just going to jump right in.  No messing around.  I want to get a good amount of posts UP on the blog and available for viewing.  You can read more about me from the links on my home page. So let’s get started!

This project life spread was mostly about my exquisite experience at a restaurant in St. Helena (next to Napa).  So basically, yes, I did have to make a Bacon insert in this spread.  As an appetizer we had what they referred to as a “bacon bar”.  YES PLEASE.  The selection consisted of 6 different kinds of bacon:  Double-Cut Nueske’s, Snake River Kurobuta, Durham Ranch Wild Boar, Benton’s, Winkler Farm Mangalitsa, and Candied Hobbs.  The Candied Hobbs was a knockout for a sweet tooth like me.  Unreal.  The dinner was amazing as well.  I immediately decided I needed to go home and recreate the succotash that my fish was plated on.  From what I could tell, it was a butternut squash puree veggies and butter beans and most importantly, a spice mix termed “Fines Herbs” consisting of French chervil, parsley, chives, and French tarragon.

For the layout I used a few favorites:  The wood veneer piggy is from Color Cast Design’s Chunky Animals collection.  If you head over to her website and decide to pick some up, use my code Jecarl to get 10% off! The stamps (FML, Hello Deliciousness, and THE STORY) are from Kellie Winnell’s store at  I also have been getting a lot of use out of tons of PL card printables on the Lilypad website, including the black and white one pictured here.  It’s from the Prix Fixe set by Peppermint Granberg and can be purchased here

photo (8)

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