Day 1 December Daily 2014!

I’ve finally started my December Daily!  After not even attempting one last year and not quite finishing the one from the year before, I decided to scale it down a bit for 2014.  Something a little more manageable and likely to get completed. Hence, I chose the new 4×4 album from We R Memory Keepers.  It was a birthday gift from my friend Becky and I had been hoarding it for the longest time.

Since some of the numbers I’d cut out for the 2013 DD went missing and now I have no clue what font I used, I knew getting the numbers completed first was key.  I’m digging the simple black double line frame lately so started creating there.  See, in Word, if you make a text box, you can separate the lines perfectly.  The imperfection though, is that you cannot input the SIZE of the text box.  You have to fiddle with the font size and spacing.  I tried umpteen times to recreate the text box in Word, only using a basic shape and changing the style.  Problem is you cannot separate the two lines.  They just get bigger and bolder!  So I reverted back to the text box (which couldn’t be copied and pasted to make a nice clean printout, grrr).   Making minute changes, I finally created the perfect square.  I printed them out one by one.  Ridiculous.

Next I chose my font, Bebas Neue, and created the numbers on my Silhouette machine.  A perfectly shiny piece of gold foil paper was my base.  Had to make sure the size fit perfectly in my newly printed boxes.  And another detail, the text box size on the silhouette cut screen was NOT representative of the number size.  Trial and error, people.

Lastly, I tacked the numbers down in the cut boxes and ran my sewing machine over each one.  Voila!

I’m about 4 days down on the album…more posts to come soon 😉 and I realized a definite trend was developing.  I liked it.  The look for this year will be black, white, gold, and shades of teal.   Hope it inspires you to get a jump on your DD if you haven’t already!

photo 4 (4)

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